Nutritional Therapy in London

What to Expect

Before you come, you are invited to fill in a detailed questionnaire and return it prior to the consultation. This allows me to prepare for the consultation and results in a better nutritional service for you.

Nutritional Consultation, 60 mins.

Nutritional Consultation with In-House IgG Food Intolerance Test, 70 mins.

Nutritional Consultation with Blood Microscopy, 90 mins.

Our London based nutritional therapy services are here to help you with whatever health aspects you are wanting to improve. Nutrition provides the building blocks that are essential to support life. In today's world we are hearing about lack of nutrients in people's diets that are leading to medical conditions so it is obvious that to perform optimally you need to give your body the building blocks and the fuel it needs.

Our nutritional therapy is individualised so our one on one nutritional therapy sessions at on of our London clinics will lead to you having a fully outlined plan as to the changes you need to make to help with your conditions.

For further details contact:

Tel: 07800 973699