Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapist Wanda Hawran is a London based nutritionist, currently consulting in the E17 and W3 areas.

Wanda qualified in nutritional therapy in 2000 after successfully completing the 3 year Nutritional Consultant's course at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition. Since that time she has continued to expand her knowledge by teaching nutrition therapy, attending advanced nutrition courses, conferences and workshops and regularly reading literature on health, disease and nutrition therapy protocols.

A good nutritionist will help you discover a plan that works specifically in harmony with your requirements. Just as each of us have a unique finger print we also have unique nutritional requirements. This can be affected by the type of lifestyle you have, the amount of exercise you take, the type of food you eat and your genetic make up.

Nutrition really is the cornerstone of good health, only by giving your body the essential nutrients that it needs to function can you be sure of optimum health and functionality. Wanda offers a wealth of experience that helps you to fully understand your nutritional requirements. Whether you need some fine tuning for health or a complete revise of your approach to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle Wanda is here to help.

Don't neglect your body and your health, take the first steps to a healthier lifestyle making changes at a rate that suits you.

By booking an appointment with Wanda today you can be confident that you will be getting a qualified and experienced nutritional therapist who only delivers quality based nutrition therapy program specifically for you.

Wanda also offers the latest in blood microscopy also known as live blood microscopy, dried blood microscopy, this equipment is also referred to by some as blood microscope. This involves taking a small blood sample from a pin prick and viewing the sample under a high powered microscope.

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